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I am from San Francisco, living in Bangkok. I am Thai American, a novelist with one novel, House of the Four Cracked Doors, so far. I am also the writer and editor of Thai Intel Group of Blogs that I started in 2008.

This blog is part of that.

During my education in San Francisco Bay Area, in the 1980s, I worked for Trans Global Enterprise as an executive. The firm was involved in private investment fund management through a partnership with Shearson Lehman Brothers, invested in real estate and global trade.

In San Francisco, I frequently wrote letters to the editor of newspapers & magazines there. Most were published. Personally, I love writing. I came to Thailand in 1991 and entered journalism.

Therefore, professionally, I am a lifelong journalist and editor, mostly in business, economics, and technology. I was also a columnist on national security. I worked with some of the most respected and well-known media in Thailand such as Bangkok Post, Business Day, Bangkok Biz News and CIO Forum.

For many years, apart from the professional career, I was an activist relating to Asia. The activism is mostly through independent blogging, giving interviews and social media activities. About three years ago I changed to cover global and American issues.

The total hits for my blog group are about 4 million. Some of the blog posts are archived by USA Library of Congress and many are ranked close to top on Google search. Kred ranks me as top 1% social-media influencer.

I noticed lots of great success in the form of high levels reaction and often acceptance of my advice and suggestions.

The activist work was worth the efforts, but the work made my life far from easy.

I took time out to write my first novel, House of the Four Cracked Doors, but I never got serious at sales and marketing. As to why, perhaps the novel is more a diary to me and there are time limitations.

Recently, I decided I needed a change.

Now I am on vacation, relaxing, seeing new places and people. I am also writing my second novel and working on some part-time jobs.

Best Regards,

Terence Chulavachana

July 2017


Apart from a story about someone, which can help in understanding a person’s life, another great way to know them is through their resume. Resume are similar to milestones, being key events and dates, and an opportunity to expand on important achievements, on those events and time involved.

The following is part of my resume:


1991: MBA, International management, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA

1989: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Menlo College, Menlo Park, CA


Work Experience:


1982 to 1991

Export/Import Manager (1982 to 1985): Trans Global Enterprise, CA, U.S.A.

Investment Manager (1986 to 1991); Trans Global Enterprise, CA, U.S.A.

Distinction: Researched & open up ASEAN market for the firm’s medical

Products, mostly, relating to eye care


1992 to 1993

Senior Writer: Bangkok Post Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand

Distinction: Emerged as a well known, respected and top Bangkok Post Business

Section Journalist/Writer


1994 to 1995

Central Bank and Finance Reporter: Asia Times Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand

Distinction: Worked at the key position when Asia Times was publishing in print form & newspaper sold throughout Asia


1997 to 2004

Editor: Business Day Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand

Distinction: Business Day became a major point of breaking news reports before other news outlets in Thailand, meaning a great deal of exclusives


2005 to 2010

Editor: CIO Forum Magazine, Bangkok, Thailand

Distinction: CIO Forum became the official magazine for Thailand Chief

Information Officer Association


2008 to 2013

Writer & Editor: Thai Intelligence News Group, Bangkok, Thailand

Distinction: Reached about 4 million hits mark and at times achieved by USA Library of

Congress and many blog posts are rank high on Google search


2014 to 2017

Writer & Editor: Terence Writing, Bangkok Thailand

Distinction: Successful re-position Thai Intel Group of Blogs to global and American issues, with many articles on global and American issues at top Google search ranking; blog accompanying twitter followers shifted from about 20% to about 50% America based, with often most popular in New York & Washington D.C.


Work Experience (Advising & Part-Time):


Adviser: Thai Parliamentary Committee on International Trade and Technology

Part-Time: Author at Asian Correspondent

Part-Time: TV News Program Host, Thai Sky TV, Bangkok, Thailand

Adviser: International Sales, New Yong Hua Thai, Samutprakarn, Thailand

Adviser: Resort Management, Holiday Park, Khao Yai, Thailand

Adviser: Pre Stock Market Listing, Spartan Technology, USA

Part-Time: National Security Columnist, Bangkok Biz News, Bangkok, Thailand


Interview Given (Examples):


Interviewed by Economist Intelligence Unit on Enterprise Technology Adoption

Interviewed by ISH Janes Intelligence on Thailand’s security situation

Interviewed by BBC on privatization on Thailand’s state enterprise

Interviewed by Radio Netherland on Thailand’s political situation




Reuters Foundation trained journalist

Fluent Thai and English (TOEIC 960)

At times archived by U.S.A. Library of Congress

Kred ranked top 1% social media “Influencer”

Blog post often ranks high on Google search

Klear ranked as an important social media “Influencer” on American issues

Reference (1): Kred

Andrew Grill <andrew@kred.com>
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Best Regards,

Andrew, CEO of Kred

Reference (2): U.S.A. Library of Congress

Name: Thai General Election 2014 Web Archive Permission Letter
Subject: Inclusion of your Website in the Library of Congress Web Archives

To Whom It May Concern:

The United States Library of Congress has selected your website for inclusion in the Library’s historic collection of Internet materials related to the Thailand Election 2014. We consider your website to be an important part of this collection and the historical record.

The Library of Congress preserves the Nation’s cultural artifacts and provides enduring access to them. The Library’s traditional functions, acquiring, cataloging, preserving and serving collection materials of historical importance to the Congress and the American people to foster education and scholarship, extend to digital materials, including websites.

The following URL has been selected:


In order to properly archive this URL, and potentially other URLs of interest on your site, we may archive both this URL and other portions of your site, including public content that your page links to on third party sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. The Library of Congress or its agent will engage in the collection of content from your website at regular intervals and may include it in future collections. The Library will make this collection available to researchers at Library facilities and by special arrangement.

The Library may also make the collection available more broadly by hosting the collection on the Library’s public access website no earlier than one year after our archiving has been completed. The Library hopes that you share its vision of preserving web materials about the Thailand Election 2014 and permitting researchers from across the world to access them.

Our web archives are important because they contribute to the historical record, capturing information that could otherwise be lost. With the growing role of the web as an influential medium, records of historic events could be considered incomplete without materials that were “born digital” and never printed on paper. For more information about these web archive collections, please visit our website (http://www.loc.gov/webarchiving/).

If you have questions, comments or recommendations concerning the web archiving of your site please e-mail the Library’s Web Archiving Team at webcapture@loc.gov at your earliest convenience, or contact our local office at jakarta@loc.gov. You may also want to visit our frequently asked questions page at: http://www.loc.gov/webarchiving/faq.html.

Thank You,


Web Archiving Team
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.
Please take a moment to fill out a survey at: https://www.questionpoint.org/crs/servlet/org.oclc.ask.Patr


Reference (3): Google Search

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