On Vacation


My name is Terence Chulavachana, a writer & activist, with a background in journalism & editing. I am on vacation. You are so welcome to see me, on vacation, at Terence The Curious > blog.

I was & maybe still is, very famous, controversial & influential, known by many, from iconic people & units to lots of, like just people dealing with, like a horrible sandwich they just bought.

On my past, wow, what a past I have, lots of helping & success bettering humanity. But then you probably know that road is not exactly filled with love and wonderful people, like the opposite that all over. So lots of time, I figure I know what hell is like. I came to point, lost interest in what I was about & doing, there is just something not very attractive about living both, in heaven & hell, in a figure of speech. Still, maybe someday I back to mostly focus again on helping better humanity.

So I headed to what I personally love, being women & music. And this means mostly a positive & fairly carefree lifestyle.

Not sure why, maybe feeling positive & free, & also maybe because I was tweeting some on vacation, travel & tourism, so I decided to take a vacation & now a tourist traveling.

Terence Chulavachana

July 2017


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